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Are you a sponsor? An event thrower? An advertiser?
Outdoor shelter for 100 people in 30 minutes? Is it possible?
Namiot Pascal Startent
huge mobile advertising space
unusual shape
catches the eye
sun and rain
fast and easy
and disassembly
all terrain
Say “No More!” to
ifficult pitching,
heavy frame,
leaking roof,
Those problems will disappear as soon as you get the one and only
A new star of great events
Outdoor events give you so many possibilities! But we know you. We know the thoughts churming in you mind: What if it starts raining? What if something happens with the metal thing over your guests’ heads? What if someone trips over these huge anchors sticking out of the ground?
That’s why we have been working so long on this groundbreaking solution. That’s why we designed a fast pitching tent with inflatable central pole. That’s why we would like to present you our brand new event tent:

Advertising tent Startent Pascal

From now on you can:
  • offer your advertisers a bigger and more attractive advertising space

  • seat a lot of guests and customers under one roof

  • react immediately to changing weather conditions*

  • have your ads highly visible even at night*

  • spend less money while drawing more attention

  • spend less time on assembling/disassembling

  • be comfortable about safety

  • be independent of an access to a power source

  • set your tent on every surface*

* Don’t leap to conclusions.
If something is nonobvious - call us - we will explain everything to you.

colour or 100% print
Choose one of the colours presented on the right. Or print the whole surface. Need some other? Contact us to check the availability.
Kolory namiot pascal startent
Your new
gives you
so many
    the shape of Startent Pascal, its size and its peak soaring into the sky draw everyone’s attention. Your task is to make this impression bigger by displaying your logo with your slogan on it. Such a combination will leave solid associations in your visitors’ minds. And your Tent will be the leading Star in this show.
    the fabric used for the tent is resistant to water and snow. Reinforced sewings make the tent more durable and tolerant to strains caused by strong winds. Innovative solution of joining a canopy with the pole using chains means no holes in a tent’s roof. Now you don’t have to worry about water inside your tent, even during heavy rains.
    using light inflatable pole reduces the risk of falling over the whole construction. The pole now has a bigger surface contact with both the ground and the canopy. That’s why the stability of the construction increased so much. You can worry no longer.
    every Startent Pascal pole includes an inflatable medium. The pole doesn’t need any inflation during an event. It works in complete silence.
    less weight of a pole, modern fixing system, less precision in measuring required - all these elements make assembling far easier. Disassembling is easy too - just let off the air and after a while pick up everything what’s left on the ground...
    no metal tubes over your visitors’ heads is a step forward towards a greater safety. Thanks to battery powered backlight you don’t have to worry about danger of electric shock and cable chaos under feet.
    we can’t believe it either… Two women come with three bags. You let them out of your sight for half an hour and then you can see a big tent for 100 people. Magic, isn’t it?
    Need something more spectacular? Now strengthen the impression by turning on the lighting in your Startent Pascal pole. It looks incredible!
    both fabric and the pole are easy to clean with the use of common cleaning supplies,
Tent Pascal startent, startent
Where does
it work
Startent Pascal event tent is the best solution when you want to receive visitors in an attractive way, throw a really big party, demonstrate something to your guests. Use it for:
  • exhibitions, sport events, festivals,

  • wedding parties, receptions,

  • guest registration points, points of serving meals,

  • massage points, blood donation points,

  • effective entrances.

Startent Pascal
What you
get when
you buy
  • innovative, eye-catching tent offering huge ad surface

  • assembly instructions and directions for use

  • warranty and post-warranty support

  • technical support

  • possibility of customizing products*

  • possibility of changing advertising banners*

  • satisfaction of participants and advertisers

  • possibility of building an event ad system*

  • everything you need to use it:

Namiot gwiazda z dmuchanym słupem
Powłoka zewnętrzna startent pascal
Startent Pascal canopy
Maszt startent
inflatable pole - Startent Pascal
Kotwy montażowe
8 anchors (30 cm)
Przyrząd do wyciągania kotew
Transport bags
Przyrząd do wyciągania kotew
Anchor puller
Oświetlenie LED do namiotu
LED lighting
Pompka elektryczna startent pascal
Electric pump
Ściany do startent pascal
Side panels
Namiot gwiazda z nadrukiem
It’s your turn now
We know you are a creative person

(you wouldn’t be here if you were not),

but admit to yourself:
The New Startent Pascal
gives you so many opportunities
that you can’t wait having it at your next event*

*do not hesitate to ask any question if you want to know more - we will gladly answer them all

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Account manager

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