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Are you a sponsor? An event thrower? An advertiser?
Finally! We have the solution you have so impatiently awaited
advertising gate
fed up with hefting all the stuff?
bored with long assembling?
tired of tedious cleaning?
upset about troublesome fitting?
Say “No more!” to:
loops too long,
poles too short,
bags too heavy,
winds too strong...
Those problems disappear as soon as you get the one and only
Zipped Inflatable Arch

The most multifunctional event advertisement solution

advertising gate
Can you see
all these new possibilities?
We think you are already considering all new applications.

But wait! Let us introduce you to everything we have prepared for you. Our Brand New Inflatable Zipped Arch is revolutionary.
As soon as you see
it for the first time, you will notice the biggest difference:
The arch consists of three segments. They can serve you joined, but… They can also play solo, showing your ads independently in different stages of your show

(Those half-arches look strange? We hoped you would say so! Be sure your guests will think the same! Instead of playing hide-and-seek you can now play peek-a-boo. Great, isn’t it?)

And this is just a beginning...
From now on you can:
  • offer your advertisers a bigger and more attractive advertising space

  • have your ads highly visible even at night*

  • spend less money while drawing more attention

  • spend less time on assembling/disassembling

  • be comfortable about your guests’ safety

  • feel comfortable with strong winds

  • react to changing circumstances at the scene of the event

  • set your arch on a spot where it’s not allowed to set arches*

  • stop being annoying to silence lovers*

  • be independent of an access to a power source

  • set your arch on every surface*

* *Don’t leap to conclusions. If something is nonobvious - call us - we will gladly explain it to you.

advertising gate, advertising gate start meta
Your new inflatable arch Pascal ZIP gives you:
    a common arch may serve... only as an arch. Our inflatable Pascal ZIP can be used in numerous ways. Every advertiser will enjoy seeing their slogans on single elements of the ad system.
    thanks to the 3-part modular construction, it’s far easier to move it to another place. No more enormous and extremely heavy weights. You are totally mobile with a few small chunks of package!
    thanks to greater stability and rigidness, our arch is more winds-tolerant. The fabric our arch is made of is resistant to water and snow.
    pecial ballast boards make falling over virtually impossible
    LED backlight system makes the arch visible even for 8 hours at night,
    inflatable medium doesn’t need pumping and works in complete silence.
    less weight, modular construction, and no need of constant pumping - these are the reasons our product can be assembled and disassembled easily and fast,
    no pumping means no need for a traditional source of power. You don’t have to worry about possible electric shock or cables tangling under your feet,
    fancy shapes draw everyone’s attention. Advertisers will more willingly take part in your events and sponsor them,
    easy to clean with the use of common cleaning supplies,
    if you buy top bars, no street width will surprise you as bars come in all sizes. You can use top bars in other sizes as separate advertising media.
Check what makes your experience more comfortable:
Advertising gate slider
Durable zip fasteners to join elements into a solid arch
Battery in the base of advertising gates, advertising gates
Powerful accu hidden in a base: your ads will shine bright up to 8 dark hours
Exhaust lines for advertising gates, advertising gates, meta start gates
Stay ropes: mounting your arch is both fast and stable
Where does
it work best?
Inflatable arch Pascal ZIP works best during all kinds of events with starting, crossing or finishing lines. The most obvious use is in sports events. As an organizer, don’t restrict yourself to utilizing your arch the common way. If you employ your creativity, you’ll be surprised by multitude of possibilities!
Buy our
inflatable arch
and get:
  • 3 independent outdoor advertising media (2 half-arches and a bar) you can combine in one arch

  • pathbreaking product everyone pays attention to

  • assembly instructions and directions for use

  • warranty and post-warranty support

  • everything you need to use it*

  • technical support

  • possibility of customizing products*

  • participants’ and advertisers’ satisfaction

  • possibility of building an event advertising system*

The 4w1 Pascal ZIP gate
It’s time for your turn now
We know you are a creative person

(you wouldn’t be here if you were not),

but admit to yourself:
The New Pascal ZIP Arch
gives you so many opportunities
that you can’t wait having it at your next event*

*do not hesitate to ask any question if you want to know more - we will gladly answer them all

Dorota Kozieł

Account manager

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