Inventini on FLYBAG challange

On July 22-23 we had the opportunity to test Inventini event tents in standard (45 mm hexagonal profile) in extremely difficult conditions at a cycling event.

Our tents have recently appeared on Flybag equipment. On the weekend of 22-23 July, there was a cyclical event Flybag Challenge, during which our tents were tested „in the field” . Like every year, the event consisted of a showcase, training sessions and competitions. The whole weekend was filled with bike attractions for dirt jumping and bmx lovers. The event started on Saturday morning and the weather was perfect for outdoor activities. In Swierklany, where Flybag base are located, there are many amateurs and lovers of two circles. There were also a professionals from jumping and tricks.

During the event you could either watch the competitors struggles or try your own skills Thanks to the ability to land on a soft cushion, even jumping amateurs were safe. The event was also accompanied by other attractions organized by the sponsors. What certainly did not lack sports rivalry and good atmosphere. The flybag base looked great from the bird’s eye view as well as from the participant level. The roofing provided, among others. Inventini printed advertising tents, while seats for weary participants provided sun loungers with prints also produced by us.

The event was held on both Saturday and Sunday as planned and in a great climate provided by the organizers. Unfortunately nothing can be perfect and the weather several times thwarted the plans. Although at the beginning of the weekend it was going to be sunny and warm, the participants and organizers were surprised a few times with a torrential rain storm. Fortunately, the organizers were prudent and ordered tents at the event, which provided shelter for the participants. Eventually, our event products have again proven themselves even in the most difficult conditions. The users of the sunbeds and tents were satisfied, and it is extremely pleased and motivated to continue working.

More about Flybag Challenge you will find on Facebook Flybag. All interested in tents, we invite you to get to know the product better promotional tents

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