Replica products – flags in shapes.

repliki produktów flaga replikaAre you running a production business and want to promote your product? We have the solution perfectly tailored to your needs. Our novelty is replica products.

Replica is nothing but a faithful imitation of a product that looks like a flag. Our replicas are recommended for indoor applications. The maximum replica flag size is 300 cm high and 90 cm wide.

The product is made by super realistic sublimation print, which is based on a special rigid design that shapes the corresponding product. All the stiff print is placed on the mast also used in the advertising flags, so we can use a wide spectrum of basis for flags.

Replica of the product with flag functionality is great for eye-catching, while promoting products in supermarkets or other outlets, and can also serve as a POSM.
Start today with a better promotion of your products with our help.

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