event inflatable products

Are you dreaming about advertising that will distinguish you? Do you want to tame the air element?

Fill the air with any shape that imitates your product, creating a fascinating advertisement.

Inventini offer includes inflatable archways and tents as well as forms imitating your products, which can be freely designed and branded.

The inflatables are made of polyester fabric with high resistance to mechanical damage. Packed in a handy bag together with a blower, they can be set up quickly and easily at any location.

The inflatables have enormous print surface. For example, the print area of ​​a goal gate goes up to 158 m2. The print surface of an inflatable tent can reach even 250 m2.

In our offer you will find inflatable products such as rectangular gates, arched gates, polygonal gates, constant pressure tents without a blower – Pascal and inflatable tents with a blower – Spider. All standard inflatables can be personalized or customized by giving them branding features.