Technical tents

Engineering tents for construction works – choose a reliable manufacturer

Construction work is usually carried out outdoors, where it is unlikely that there is any roofing. Rainfall or oppressive sunlight can significantly hamper the work of the employees. Not to mention the fact that water cannot get into electrical installations, for example. In such situations, mobile tents are simply irreplaceable – they effectively protect the equipment and the people involved.

Our tents are particularly suited for the construction industry and industrial enterprises alike. We supply construction tents, welding tents, assembly tents, paving tents and railway tents. At your request, we can print your logo on the tent, which can be used as an effective marketing medium. A logo on the tent is a great way to advertise for property developers and various construction or repair companies. Please do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions. We will be happy to meet your expectations!  

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Durable and aesthetically pleasing construction tents

No matter what kind of construction work you are doing, a tent has to be of the highest quality to provide the highest level of functionality and durability. This is exactly what our tents do! Our high-quality materials are a guarantee of their resistance to adverse weather conditions. The waterproof polyester fabric ensures that neither excessive sunlight nor rainfall nor even biting frost can pose a threat to our tents.

Their rigid structure ensures the safety of those who work under their cover.  The tents are a temporary installation, which is why we have made every effort to ensure that you can easily transport them to different locations. We guarantee that you will have no trouble setting up the tents – it’s certainly easier than the work that will take place under their cover. Their assembly takes from a few to several minutes and is manageable for practically everyone. If you are interested in aesthetic qualities, you will certainly be satisfied – our tents also look very attractive.

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