COVID-19 test cabin – medical tent

COVID-19 test cabin is a practical solution for use in public places – workplaces, offices, schools, nurseries. The cabin can also serve as a medical tent that isolates space in a company or office.

The cabin provides suitable conditions for:

  • performing measurements, e.g. of temperature
  • sampling for coronavirus testing
Namiot Sanitarny

Thanks to its unique construction, the cabin can be easily transformed into a vaccination room, changing room or isolation room!

Key features of
COVID-19 testing cabin


durable, simple cube construction


the floor is integrated with the walls via hook-and-loop fasteners


a wall with a zipped door


window wall with handy sleeves for taking measurements or samples


external pockets for test material/samples/accessories


external counter – 30 cm wide


optional ballast weights to support the construction

Dimensions of
COVID-19 testing tent

Wymiary Namiotu Sanitarnego

Aluminium frame


Polyester fabric

Poliwinylu chlorek

PVC floor and windows

Termoplastyczny poliuretan

TPU sleeves

Druk Sublimacyjny

Sublimation printing

A simple and practical solution for your workplace!

Interested in using the cabin outdoors?
Piece of cake! Just put it up under a canopy!

Benefits of the COVID-19 test cabin


the staff member operating the point does not have to wear full protective clothing, though a mask and gloves are mandatory.


the cabin is lightweight, easy to transport and assemble


the cabin provides an easy way to organize anti-spreading activities in the workplace


you can print on the walls of the COVID-19 test cabin; you can place logos, procedural instructions, infographics, etc.

Opt for your employees and customers safety!

A single design with many possibilities

Its simple construction gives you the opportunity to modify the tent in many ways:

possibility to prepare any configuration of cubes – multiplying them and changing the size of a cube

possibility to provide different types of walls

Other uses of the medical tent

Vaccination cabin with a window through which the procedure can be performed

Kabina do szczepień

Changing room for employees


Changing room for employees

Mobile examination room, isolation room or post-vaccination observation room

Mobilny gabinet, izolatka lub pomieszczenie do obserwacji pacjenta po szczepieniu

A cabin for meetings with residents of a social welfare home

Kabina do spotkań z pensjonariuszami DPS

A cabin for meetings with residents of social welfare homes


You can freely combine elements, e.g. to create a complete vaccination centre with a waiting room for interviews and an observation room for the patient after vaccination. In addition, the entire unit can be moved and transported freely.

Do you have any questions? We are at your service!

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