Promotional tents

Administrative tents

Administrative tents used during outdoor events as well as promotion of cities and people.

Tents for services

Tents for services consist of products such as military tents, police tents, fire tents, rescue tents, tents for border guards, etc. Nomines for services are carried out with the utmost accuracy. The materials used are durable and durable. We have flame retardant materials that meet the standards. Digital prints allow to obtain high-quality graphics and information and advertising messages. Below, there are exemplary realizations of tents we have made for our clients.

Catering tents

Catering tents, catering tents, restaurant canopies used in restaurants, during food truck rallies as well as all kinds of outdoor events hosting in our surroundings during summer days and nights. See how you can use catering tents

Work tents

Use work tents when working in open ground. Protect yourself and your employees against changing weather conditions. Technical tents can be used as building tents, welding tents, assembly tents, railway tents or as a paving tent

Tents for the fair

Tents for the fair allow you to present your activities, fit in the booth perfectly. Inventini advertising tents will prove themselves at trade fairs, take them to the advertising fairs, agricultural and automotive fairs, fit fairs and much more.

Event tents

Event tents blend in perfectly with every party and event. All you need is an interesting color scheme and a clear message to liven up the spectacles. Concert tents, however, will work great as technical facilities. You decide where and how the event tent will look.

Banquet tents

Banquet tents are more and more popular when organizing outdoor parties and weddings. Surprise your guests by going outside using the weather of great weather. Configure event tents, party tents and wedding tents as desired by selecting the appropriate accessories.

Funeral tents

Funeral tents will protect your clients against changing weather conditions. Choose your tents for the funeral ceremonies, put them in decorative valances or leg covers. Funeral burial will serve for years to increase the company’s prestige

Do you want to see our tents in action? Make an appointment with our sales representative! See how simply and quickly you can unfold and place an advertising tent!