Advertising inflatables

Advertising inflatables

Advertising inflatables consist of two lines, Line Pascal and Line Fan. We grouped all products filled with air in one place to show the differences that exist between them.

Linia Pascal – Promotional inflatable tents

The Pascal line was created with the aim of quickly creating entire advertising arrangements. Products included in the ranks are distinguished by compact dimensions during transport and original design plus their own graphics. The Pascal line is mainly high-pressure advertising products (also called pneumatic) such as tents, gates, posts, tables, seats and balls.

Linia Fan – Advertising inflatable tents

Lina Fan occurs practically at every event. No sporting event can be done without inflatable gates, poles or balloons. The Fan line is nothing more than an interesting shape + a fan doing all the work. The only disadvantage of this solution is the need to connect to a permanent power source. The main products presenting this line are tents spiders, starting gates, inflatable pillars, big balloons, and unusual shapes such as inflatable bottles, cans and all other shapes

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