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Advertising inflatable gates

Advertising inflatable gates are used as an extremely useful element of the scenery of many events, both sports and cultural. Their largest advantage is the durability and broad reach, as well as their direct and long-term effect. The large size causes event gates along with brands or catchy slogans printed on them to be visible from afar.

Inflatable promotional gates - many options to choose from

Start gates are manufactured in three different options. Match the promotional gate to your needs by selecting a product in your favorite shape – polygonal, rectangular or arched gate. Every promotional gate can be used repeatedly, regardless of the changing sponsors – just order a gate with places for banners and replace them at any time. All gates with printed designs we produce are made with utmost diligence and attention to details. High-quality vinyl chloride used to make their surface is very resistant to mechanical damage and non-permeable. The quality of gates is also affected by the eco-friendly printing technology we use, which will make the selected colors perfectly represented and vivid, and the designs – not fade in the sun.

Inflatable promotional mediums are a modern form of communication, building and preserving the brand’s media image, as well as attracting potential customers.

Pneumatic outdoor promotional media are quick to assemble, mobile, lightweight and extremely impressive. They can be easily transported and used during various types of outdoor events. promotional start gates are an element inherent for many exciting events, especially sports events, during which they work perfectly as the point marking the start and the finish line.

Vast possibilities to create an attractive visual message.

Large pneumatic gates with the Fan line

Advertising inflatable gates
Durable and esthetically pleasing inflatable start gates

Inflatable start gates decorated with logotypes and slogans are an excellent form of promotion of organizers, major sponsors and media patrons during various kinds of events. Thanks to the gate’s size, every passer-by will pay attention to it. It’s worth remembering that the start gate is an important place during a race. It means that crowds will gather in its vicinity to support their favorite sportsmen. Furthermore, its fragments will appear on hundreds of photographs, which will then appear in newspapers, on websites and social media sites. Use this opportunity and promotional potential of inflatable gates with printed designs and show yourself in the best light! A great asset of promotional gates is their size – a properly selected gate gives you as much as 158 square meters of space, which you can use to advertise your company. However, this does not mean that the gate is hard to store, heavy or inconvenient to transport. On the contrary! Regardless of the size and shape, inflatable the gates weigh no more than 20 kg and can be set up in only 180 seconds! All you need to do is place the assembled gate in the selected place and turn on the blower attached to the set, and the promotional gate will inflate automatically, displaying all your logotypes.

Advertising inflatable gates with print
Rectangale gate

140 x 70 x 50cm

15kg – 20kg

3D visualization

Do you want to see how your advertising cube will look like? Ask for a free visualization

Advertising inflatable gates with printed
Polygon gate

140 x 70 x 50cm

15kg – 20kg

Advertising inflatable gates
Arch gate

140 x 70 x 50cm

15kg – 20kg

Important information

Polyester or PVC fabric

Sublimation or latex print

We care about the environment

We are aware of the impact of production on the environment. That is why we minimize our impact on the natural environment. Utilizing modern technologies and production automation.

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Robust start gates with printed design

The start gate needs to not only be visually attractive, but also robust. They are perfect we are of the above, so all we offer pneumatic gates made of high quality polyester fabric, indicating a large resistance to mechanical damages and weather conditions. A gate with printed design may be successfully used during various kinds of sports and cultural events, from marathons, through downhill skiing, to occasional events. Our start gates are lightweight, mobile and very functional. They will let you instantly mark the start and finish line, at the same time subtly emphasizing the presence of your brand. For the gate to become an even more universal advertisement tool, it can be equipped with Velcro strips that will let you simply replace banners with printed designs!

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