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promotional balloons are a proven and effective method of visual communication. They stand out with an appealing look and are recognizable from afar. Due to its great size, a pneumatic balloon will be the dominant feature of your booth, catching the eye of your visitors. Thus, it is worth ensuring that it displays your logo and important information attracting the attention of the potential customers we want.


A pneumatic balloon is one of the most interesting forms of promotional. Thanks to its size, the balloon catches the attention of potential customers and displays the logo or advertisement of your company well. You can see the effectiveness of this method, first of all, during mass and outdoors events, such as concerts, races or trade fairs. During such events, your promotional balloon can become the dominant feature of the whole area, catching the eye of people just visiting your booth. Event balloons are a fantastic solution, since – despite large final sizes and perfect presentation of your corporate colors and slogans – the balloon is small and very easy to transport after folding. Along with the promotional balloon you ordered, you will also receive a solid bag with a zipper, which will help you carry the balloon to the selected place. Transport of large promotional materials has never been so easy!

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Large balloons with printed designs are also simple to handle and easy to assemble. This is best proven by the fact that a colorful 3m balloon can be set up in just 60 seconds! All you need to do is place the assembled balloon anywhere and connect a blower, and the balloon will automatically fill with air. The only thing you need to do is attach the tent to the ground using the included pins and stays. That’s all! Your pneumatic balloon is ready to advertise your business in just a few moments. The pneumatic balloons we create are produced using only the best materials and technologies. All balloons are made of highly-resistant polyester and polyvinyl chloride, which is durable, waterproof, and very resistant to mechanical damage. Our specialists also ensure top quality of printing. We use methods that are eco-friendly and, at the same time, very durable, thanks to which the colors of your balloon are vivid, intense and do not fade in the sun.

setting up 180 seconds

delivery 7-10 days


Fan balloon

FABRIC polyester or PVC
PRINTS ecological sublimation printing or latex printing
WEIGHT 15kg – 25kg

The set contains: inflatable ballon, instruction manual, pins and stays, hammer, fan, bag.

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Pneumatic advertising pillar FAN LINE


An promotional balloon with a characteristic shape can define the marketing strategy of the company, being recognizable wherever it appears. Stationary balloons are made of polyester fabrics with high resistance to damage and weather conditions, and can be decorated with any design and logotype. We use the digital printing method that allows for obtaining any shape possible and is characterized by unique durability and quality of prints.
Event balloons are a perfect investment that can be used for many years, becoming the characteristic element of the company’s promotion.
Our graphic designers will ensure that each request of the customer is fulfilled by presenting visualizations on the current basis and offering advice. We do our best to ensure that the end result is as impressive as possible.

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