;19957;Service;content;no_title;no_meta;no_h1;19885;Impressum;content;no_title;no_meta;no_h1;19816;Exhibition Stand;content;Promotional Counter | Counter with Print | Inventini;How to easily attract attention in a crowd? We guarantee that an promotional counter will help you with this. Order now and see for yourself!;no_h1;19617;Constant-pressure Balloons;content;Costant-pressure Balloons | Inventini;Need an advertising balloon that doesn't require a permanent electricity connection? We have a practical solution for you - a constant-pressure balloon. Inflate it and you're ready to go. Check it out!;no_h1;19627;Advertising Balloons;content;Advertising Balloons | Balloons with printing | Inventini;Are you organising a picnic, festival or other event and need portable advertising that is visible from a distance? Advertising balloons are just the thing for you. Different inflation methods, two shapes and many sizes to choose from. Check it out!;no_h1;19564;Beer box seats;content;Beer box seats | Beer crate seats | Manufacturer Inventini;Want to stand out with interesting and environmentally friendly gadgets? We have practical and striking beer crate seats for you.;no_h1;19436;Advertising Balls;content;Advertising Balls | Promotional Ball | Inventini;An intriguing alternative to traditional advertising balloons. Meet the advertising balls on a stand with individual prints. Over 4 metres high!;no_h1;17415;Football Stand;content;Display Stand | Football Stand | Manufacturer Inventini;Want to present sports trophies such as medals, cups, and balls in a spectacular way? We have an elegant solution for you. A display stan- a ball stand with individual print. Check it out!;no_h1;16961;Check;content;no_title;no_meta;no_h1;14833;Contact;content;Contact | Inventini;Contact us!;no_h1;14422;Privacy policy;content;Privacy Policy | Inventini;Find out how we protect your data!;no_h1;13994;Pascal Line;content;Pascal Line - Constant-pressure Inflatables | Inventini;Get to know the wide offer of constant-pressure inflatables with print!;no_h1;13975;Fan Line;content;Fan Line - Fan Inflatables | Inventini;Get to know different types of advertising inflatables with a fan!;no_h1;13721;Strona główna;content;Advertising Carriers | Outdoor Advertising Carriers | Inventini;Highest quality advertising carriers. Wide range of products and the latest technologies. Welcome to;no_h1;13712;User’s Manual and Warranty;content;User's Manuals and Warranties | Inventini;Download user's manuals and warranties.;no_h1;13710;FAQ;content;Questions and Answers | Inventini;Learn the answers to frequently asked questions. Find out how we operate.;no_h1;13708;About Us;content;About us | Inventini;Find out how we operate!;no_h1;13666;Constant-pressure Pillars;content;Constant-pressure Pillars | Columns with Print | Invetnini;Need an advertising carrier that catches the eye from afar? You're in the right place. With us, you'll find inflated constant-pressure pillars in various sizes. Possibility to modify the shape. Check it out!;no_h1;13664;Fan Pillars;content;Fan Pillars | Pneumatic Columns | Inventini;How to stand out from the crowd during an event? Go for fan pillars with individual graphics. Various sizes, possibility to modify the shape. Check it out!;no_h1;13642;Medical Tents;content;First aid Tents | Medical Tents | Inventini;Looking for practical and durable medical tents? Get to know the tents from Inventini. Individual prints, wide range of models and sizes. Check it out!;no_h1;13640;Funeral Tents;content;Funeral Tents | Funeral Canopies | Inventini;Looking for an elegant tent for a funeral ceremony? Get to know durable and practical funeral tents from Inventini. Careful execution with attention to details. Check it out!;no_h1;13636;Tents for Uniformed Services;content;Tents for Uniformed Services | Rescue Tents | Inventini;Need a tent for a rescue, police, educational action? Get to know our tents for uniformed services. Durable and practical. Check it out!;no_h1;13634;Technical Tents;content;Technical Tents | Service Tents | Inventini;Looking for a tent that will facilitate assembly or service work outdoors? Get to know Inventini's technical tents. Many sizes - practical extras. Check it out!;no_h1;13632;Food Service Tents;content;Catering Tents | Food Service Tents;Want to highlight your food establishment? Get to know Inventini's food service tents. A wide range of sizes and practical extras. Check it out!;no_h1;13630;Banquet Tents;content;Banquet Tents | Wedding Tents | Inventini;Looking for an elegant tent for your outdoor ceremony? Get to know the Inventini banquet tents. Wide range of sizes and models. Individual prints. Check it out!;no_h1;13628;Event Tents;content;Event Tents | Festival Tents | Inventini;Looking for a reliable tent for your event? Get to know our event tents: a wide range of models and sizes. Check it out!;no_h1;13626;Trade Fair Tents;content;Trade Fair Tents | Commercial Tents | Inventini;Looking for a comfortable and durable tent for your stand. Get to know Inventini's trade fair tents. Individual prints, many sizes. Check it out!;no_h1;13624;Administrative Tents;content;Administrative Tents | Tents for Administration | Inventini;Looking for a tent for your institution? You're in the right place. With us, you'll find a wide selection of tent models for administrative purposes. Individual prints. Check it out!;no_h1;13622;Industry-specific Tents;content;Industry-specific Tents | Specialist Tents | Inventini;Looking for a tent for your company? Do you have special requirements? Check out our industry tents. Individual print, high quality, possibility to modify the model. Take a look!;no_h1;13620;Flag;content;Advertising Flags with Print | Flags with Mast | Inventini;Need advertising flags with print? You're in the right place! With us, you'll find high-quality advertising flags with a mast. Check the details.;no_h1;13618;Wedge;content;Advertising Wedge | Sports Wedge | Inventini;Looking for an advertising wedge? You're in the right place! With us, you'll find custom-printed sports wedges. Check the offer details.;no_h1;13616;Barrier;content;Advertising Barrier | Barrier with Print | Inventini;Looking for a fence that serves an advertising function? With us, you'll find custom-printed advertising fences. Check the details!;no_h1;13612;Counter;content;Promotional Counter | Counter with Print | Inventini;How to easily attract attention in a crowd? We guarantee that an promotional counter will help you with this. Order now and see for yourself!;no_h1;13610;Tension Banner;content;Tension banner | Advertising Stand | Inventini;Want to attract new customers easily and creatively? Advertising tension banners will help you with this. Inventini will make them, especially for you!;no_h1;13608;Backwall;content;Advertising Backwall | Exhibition Wall | Inventini;Organising a major event with stars for whom you need an appropriate background? An advertising backwall will enable it. Order now!;no_h1;13606;Roll-up;content;Advertising Roll-up | Made-to-order Roll-up | Inventini;Not sure how to effectively utilise exhibition space? An advertising roll-up will certainly help you with this. Make sure to check the offer!;no_h1;13603;Display;content;Display | Event Extras | Inventini;Advertising media - exhibition systems and advertising accessories for various events. High quality and fast implementation. Check out the details!;no_h1;13601;Cube Pouffes;content;Cube Pouffes with Print | Inventini;Practical, multifunctional cube pouffes. Various sizes and materials. Individual print. Check our offer!;no_h1;13599;Foldable Cubes;content;Foldable Cubes | Foldable Storage Cube | Inventini;Looking for a practical promotional gadget? Foldable cubes with print are two in one - advertising and storage. Check the details!;no_h1;13597;Hockers;content;Inflatable Hockers | Advertising Stools | Inventini;Need an interesting seat to meet with clients in the field. Get to know our inflated bar stool with print. Exceptionally light and practical. Check it out!;no_h1;13595;Armchairs;content;Advertising Armchairs | Inflatable Armchairs | Inventini;Looking for a comfortable armchair that you can also use during an outdoor event? Get to know our lightweight inflatable advertising armchairs. Check it out!;no_h1;13593;Sofas;content;Advertising Sofas | Inflatable Sofas | Manufacturer Inventini;Need a comfortable sofa during an outdoor event? Go for lightweight and elegant inflatable sofas. Various shapes. Check it out!;no_h1;13591;Advertising Cubes;content;Advertising Cubes | Cubes with Print | Inventini;Practical, multifunctional advertising cubes 🎲 Various sizes and materials. Individual print. Check our offer!;no_h1;13589;Bean bags;content;Bean Bags | Sako with Print | Inventini;Looking for elegant bean bags or sako pouffes for your company's advertising? With us, you'll find high-quality poufs: bean bags, sako, and chairs with custom print. Check the details.;no_h1;13585;Advertising Deckchairs;content;Advertising Deckchairs | Promotional Deckchairs | Inventini;Do you need advertising deckchairs? You're in the right place! With us, you'll find high-quality deckchairs with custom print. Check the details.;no_h1;13583;Inflatable Seats;content;Inflatable Seats | Advertising Sofas and Armchairs | Inventini;Want to comfortably accommodate your clients during an event? Go for inflatable advertising sofas and armchairs. Comfortable, with individual print. Check it out!;no_h1;13581;4in1 Arches;content;4in1 Arches | Multifunction Arches | Inventini;Looking for an unusual arch that you can easily turn into 3 advertising columns? Here it is. The 4in1 Pascal Arch - your multifunctional advertising carrier. Get to know it!;no_h1;13579;Constant-pressure Arches;content;Constant-pressure Arches | Inflatable Gates | Inventini;Need an elegant arch for an event without a constant power connection? Get to know our constant-pressure Pascal arches. Various sizes and shapes. Check it out!;no_h1;13577;Fan Arches;content;Fan Arches | Pneumatic Gates | Inventini;Need a huge fan arch for your event? You just found it. Get to know the pneumatic Fan arches in various sizes and shapes. Check it out!;no_h1;13575;Advertising Easter Eggs;content;Advertising Easter Eggs | Inflatable Easter Decoration | Inventini;Intriguing Easter decoration e.g. for a gallery that will attract your customers' attention. Inflatable huge advertising Easter eggs. Check it out!;no_h1;13573;Advertising Baubles;content;Advertising Bauble | Corporate Inflatable Bauble | Inventini;Looking for an unusual Christmas decoration for your shop or company? An inflatable advertising bauble is an interesting solution. Check it out!;no_h1;13571;Fan Balloons;content;Fan Balloons | Pneumatic Balloons | Inventini;Looking for huge advertising balloons? With us, you'll find pneumatic - fan - balloons excellent for events. Any print. Check it out!;no_h1;13569;Advertising Counters;content;Advertising Counters | Inflatable Counters | Inventini;Looking for advertising couunter? You've come to the right place, here you'll find stable, high-quality inflatable stands with print. Check the details!;no_h1;13567;Catering Tables;content;Catering Tables | Advertising Tables - Inflated | Inventini;Looking for an elegant catering table? Get to know our inflated advertising tables with print. Two heights to choose from. Check it out!;no_h1;13565;Advertising Pillars;content;Advertising Pillars | Inflatable Pillars | Inventini;Want to stand out from the crowd during an event? Go for an inflatable advertising pillar. Various models and sizes. Individual prints. Check it out!;no_h1;13563;Advertising Arches;content;Advertising Arches | Start Arches | Inventini;Looking for an impressive arch for your event? We have something for you. Inflatable advertising arches of various shapes and sizes. Check it out!;no_h1;13560;Startent Pascal Tents;content;Startent Pascal Tent | Inventini;Looking for a tent with an unusual shape? Startent Pascal tent with inflatable mast is a great choice. Any print. Check the details.;no_h1;13558;Startent Tents;content;Startent Tents | Inventini;Looking for a star-like tent for your event? Get to know the Startent tent resembling a star. Beautiful prints and elegant look. Check it out!;no_h1;13556;Modular Tents;content;Modular Tent | Inventini;Do you need a tent whose surface can be adjusted to suit your current needs? Check our modular tent with an adjustable number of segments!;no_h1;13554;Constant-pressure Tents;content;Constant-pressure Tents | Pascal Tents | Inventini;Need a constant-pressure tent that doesn't require a fan? With us, you'll find high-quality constant-pressure tents with print. Check it out!;no_h1;13552;Fan Tents;content;Fan Tents | Pneumatic Tents | Inventini;Need fan tents? You're in the right place! With us, you can order high-quality pneumatic tents with print. Check it out.;no_h1;13549;Star Tents;content;Star Tents | Star-shaped Tents | Inventini;Get to know the star-shaped tents and go for the "stardom effect". Beautiful shape and elegant prints. Check it out!;no_h1;13547;Inflatable Tents;content;Inflatable Tents | Inventini;Looking for an inflatable advertising tent. You're in the right place. We offer many elegant models and sizes. Check it out.;no_h1;13544;Pop-up Tents;content;Pop-up Tents | Frame Tents | Inventini;Looking for a pop-up tent with print? You just found it! With us, you can order high-quality frame tents. Check the details!;no_h1;13521;Advertising Seats;content;Advertising Seats | Promotional Seating | Inventini;Advertising seats with prints for every occasion. Check the details of our offer and choose the seats that meet your expectations!;no_h1;13614;Totem;content;Advertising Totem | Aluminium Advertising Pillar | Manufacturer Inventini;Advertising totems with LED lighting. A mobile company sign both inside the building and during events. Check it out!;no_h1;16;Inflatable Advertising;content;Inflatable Advertisements | Advertising Inflatables | Inventini;Inflatable advertisements with prints for every occasion. Check the details of our offer and choose the inflatables that best meet your needs!;no_h1;14;Advertising Tents;content;Advertising Tents with Print | Tent Manufacturer | Inventini;Advertising tents with print for every occasion. Get to know our offer and choose the tent you need. Large assortment. Quality guarantee.;no_h1