Case study – Mavic

Mavic – a French company producing bicycle parts and clothing. The name is an acronym for Manufacture d’Articles Vélocipédiques Idoux et Chanel (manufacture of bicycle articles Idoux and Chanel).


Mavic ordered seats and a new tent plating, which were to give the company’s booth a new look during the trade shows.


The customer already had a certain vision of the stand. He was looking for a company that would efficiently arrange the trade booth space with branded seats and redesign the roof of the tent. Inventini offered products that can be used several times, both indoors and outdoors. It were deckchairs and director chairs, which, thanks to easy folding and small dimensions, perfectly complied with customer’s guidelines.


During the implementation, it turned out that the customer submitted incorrect visual, which were intended for the branding of the seats. Inventini corrected the graphics within 2 business days and delivered the branded products on time. In addition, the contract was extended by further 300 advertising bags. The order was finished in a short period of 2 weeks.