Case study – Keno

Keno – an international number game and prototype of a multi-player game developed in Poland. One of the most popular numbers games in the world. Its European pedigree dates back to the early 16th century


The subject of Keno’s order was the seats for the lotto shops, in the form of seats, cubes and tables. The client wanted to create a room for customers who fill in lottery coupons.


Inventini has offered products that allow the customer to arrange a separate lounge area for filling in the coupons. It were round armchairs, which provide attractive advertising space, and cubes with their double function as they can serve as a seat or as a table for lottery tickets.


All products have been given a graphic design compatible with CI KENO. Inventini has visualized the branded products in two colour versions. At the manufacturing stage, fabric printing was performed in order to check the compatibility with the CI Keno book. After testing and colour matching, the production department proceeded to fulfill the order. The order was executed within the given 2 weeks.