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Orchestrate Your Marketing – Director’s Chair with Print

A seating place is a key element of contact with a client also during events. Use it in a more complete way by reaching for unique branding. A director’s chair with print is just such a clever and functional solution for various events.

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Director’s Chairs – PZŻ

Additional advertising space – folding promotional chairs

Since you need seats for your event anyway, use them in every possible way. One of them is to turn the director’s chair into an advertising carrier. All you need is an individual print, and you have furniture that works for your company’s image. You can place the company prints both on the backrest and the seat. Properly chosen graphics will not only allow the advertising message to be highlighted but also add attractiveness to the seat itself. It perfectly matches your other products, creating a complete exhibition stand or relaxation area.

Folding promotional chairs – why is it worth it?

The basic functional advantages of director’s chairs can be mentioned in one breath. First, they are foldable, so you can easily transport and store them – by stacking one on top of the other. Second, the Inventini folding promotional chair is comfortable and stable, providing back support and an upright position for conversation. Third, you can change the message printed on the seat or back without buying a new construction. Simply replace the cover!

Advertising Chairs –  DEPT
Advertising Chairs – Prestige

Inventini – an experienced manufacturer of promotional chairs

At Inventini, we pay particular attention to the quality of our products. Our promotional chairs are therefore made of solid wood, resistant to atmospheric conditions and damage during use. The construction is protected from folding using steel reinforcing elements.

We make prints on advertising seats using digital printing, using eco-friendly inks with the OEKO certificate. The graphics made in this way are precise, faithfully reproduce the original colors, and are characterized by high durability. When designing, we pay attention to customers’ individual needs to achieve an original effect. Thanks to free visualizations, you can see what your promotional chair will look like before the production process starts.

Where will director’s chairs work best?

The Inventini director’s chair is a fully functional piece of furniture with a unique appearance that will attract the audience’s attention during the event. Chairs are perfect for:

  • cinema hall or outdoor cinema,
  • relaxation area,
  • outdoor resting places,
  • showroom,
  • promotional stand,
  • office or conference room
Director’s Chairs –  Special Guest




Transport dimensions


Director’s chair

50 cm

40 cm

85 cm

63 x 45 x 15 cm

4,1 kg

Director’s Chair – Detail
Director’s Chair – Detail
Director’s Chair – Detail

Are you wondering what a director’s chair with your print will look like?

We will prepare a 3D visualization for you and everything will be clear before we start the production process.

Key information

Icon Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric

Ikon Sublimation Printing

Sublimation print

Ikona Drewno

Wooden construction

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