Advertising flags

Inventini 9 Advertising flags

Advertising flags

Are you thinking of creating a flag that will attract attention from a distance?

We will show you what a flag with your logo can look like! Advertising flags are the most common product that allows you to promote a brand.

The Inventini offer includes standard types of advertising flags, such as the Beach / Winder flag or the Drop flag.

We offer masts in 3 sizes: M, L and XL.

Interesting shapes and forms combined with the product and logo will allow you to see your brand from anywhere.
You will be visible at fairs, beach events and ski slopes. We will help you advertise your brand everywhere there!”


Flaga Isometric 1080

One mast- two shapes of flags

Flag masts are made of aluminum profile and fiberglass, so they can take the shape of a Beach / Winder flag or a Drop flag.

Flaga Beach Drop Inventini (1)
Flaga Beach Inventini (1)
Flaga Drop Inventini (1)

Advertising flags with print – aesthetic and effective promotion of your company

Are you planning a trip to a trade fair and wondering how to present your brand so that it attracts the attention of your potential customers?
Or maybe you want to advertise on the ski slope or you are just looking for advertising materials that will be worthy of representation in front of your company’s headquarters?
Advertising flags are a proposition just right for you. This nice gadget looks effective and neat, and together with your logo and advertising print, it will attract the eyes of your customers and random passers-by, increasing your chance for business and image success. The great advantage of event flags is that they are really impressive. Standard gadgets of this type can reach a height of up to 400 centimeters! This means that your trade flags will be noticeable from a distance, but also that they constitute a large advertising space where you can place any print and display your advertising slogan, logo and company colors.”

Inventini- solid production of advertising flags

“We are a company with many years of experience and our work is distinguished by attention to every detail, even the smallest order.
We make sure that our customers are satisfied, which is why we create event flags in various shapes and sizes.
From our standard offer, you can choose beach flags (i.e. advertising winders), as well as drop flags with a teardrop shape.
However, if that is not enough for you, we will create something really original for you, e.g. a replica of your product.
The number of possibilities is almost unlimited!
Also know that for the production of our printed flags and other advertising materials, we use only proven materials and production techniques.
The advertising flags we offer are made of aluminum, fiberglass and polyester. To print your logo or any other design you choose, we use ecological sublimation printing, which is not only a durable option, but also environmentally friendly.
We guarantee bright, perfectly reproduced colors and high durability of your advertising gadgets”


Stopa Wbijana Z Rotatorem

Rammed base

A base with a rotator that allows the flag to be attached to soft ground.

Podstawa Kwadratowa

Square base

A steel flag base will work well on hard surfaces.


Cross Base For Flag

Cross base

Practical mounting of the flag in the case of hard surfaces, easy to transport thanks to folding”


Uchwyt Na Flagę Do Namiotu 50

Attaching the flag to the tent

Easy-to-use handles allow you to attach the flag to the tent”

Rotator 2


A solid rotator can be attached to the ground or other base.

Event flags – production

 The flags are made of a durable 110 g / m2 polyester fabric with 100% puncture, thanks to which the graphics are visible from all sides.

The fabric is fully washable. The flagpole in the flags is made of durable glass fiber and aluminum, thanks to which it will work even in windy weather.

We also offer accessories for mounting flags in the ground, snow, on tents. The flag may be weighted down with water weights to prevent it from overturning.


flagi reklamowe

Very easy folding


Ask when we can prepare a project for You


Flagi Winder Skrzydło

Beach / Winder flags

Weight (mast with flag)
0,6kg – M
0,75kg – L
1kg – XL

Transport dimensions
10 x 10 x 115cm – M
10 x 10 x 120cm – L
10 x 10 x 125cm – XL

Beach flags are an excellent advertising system that works both indoors and outdoors. It fits in with events, fairs, foodtrucks rallies. Available in several sizes, it allows you to choose the right one for you and your brand.
Flag bottoms can have different finishes: straight, slanted or arched.

Flagi Winder Skrzydło

Drop flags

Weight (mast with flag)
0,5kg – M
0,7kg – L
0,9kg – XL

Transport dimensions
10 x 10 x 115cm – M
10 x 10 x 120cm – L
10 x 10 x 125cm -XL

The style of the drop flags refers to the shape of a teardrop, which gives them slenderness and original shape. They will prove themselves during events, fairs, cultural events, etc.

Flagi Drop Łezka
Flagi Drop Łezka

Key features

Icon number of people needed for assembly

You can assemble the flag yourself

Icon Assembly time

You assemble within 2 minutes

Icon tools needed for assembly

You don't need any tools

Icon the difficulty of assembling 1

Very easy assembly


Polyester fabric


Ecological sublimation printing

Icon Construction

Construction made of aluminium and fiberglass


We care about environment

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