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Do you need an advertising or commercial tent that stands out from your competition? Let’s create a tent with a unique graphic design which will attract customers’ attention.

Inventini tent frames are made of aluminum in standard or reinforced versions so you have the ability to customize the tent to your individual needs.

Solid Construction

The construction of the tents is made of durable aluminum with a standard hexagon cross-section, and for a premium version octagon. The biggest advantage of aluminum construction is that it is lightweight and very durable. Every construction is equipped with several adjustable legs to adjust the height to the conditions in which the tent is used. Safe clamps and roof tensioning clamps facilitate quick and safe installation.

Different Sizes

Inventini tents are available in variety of sizes. The basic dimensions of the tents are:
3×3 m, 3×4,5 m, 3×6 m, 4×4 m, 4×6 m oraz 4×8 m.
On special order, we will make a tent of non-standard dimensions. If you have such need, ask us and we will try to find the optimal solution just for you.

Multiple Use

nventini tents are famous for quick assembly that lasts up to 1 minute. And the robust aluminum construction allows it to be used many times without compromising the quality of the fittings.
Additional value of our tents is the possibility of multiple exchange of the entire plating. Thanks to this, the customer can change his graphic design whenever he needs it.

Large Selection of Accesories

Inventini offers a number of tent accessories that enhance its appeal. Depending on needs, the tent can be supplemented with sanded weights, cast iron weights, safe lighting of the entire tent surface, as well as floor and additional pins. Walls can be fitted with windows of any shape and size, doors, ornamental curtain for legs , half-walls ,counter.

The use of such features as the three-stage height adjustment system, the roof tension regulation and secure click system allow for simple and quick spreading or folding of the tent.

Our advertising tents are available in sizes: 3x3m, 3×4,5m, and 3x6m. They occupy little space in transport and offer a large canopy after setting up.

Advertising tent is an express advertising surface that can be used anywhere and at any time of the year.

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